Corozal is a Great Spot to Vacation


With winter blanketing the country, thousands of Americans are interested in spending their time somewhere warmer, where they can enjoy the festivities in an environment that they feel would better match it. Many may immediately consider the Caribbean, but there are still some destinations that can provide travellers with a much more exclusive experience. In Central America, travellers are strongly encouraged to visit Belize, which features all of the attractions of the Caribbean, but on a more local level. When you want the holiday away from a holiday, Corozal is a great spot to vacation. Corozal Bay, in particular, is one of the prime attractions available in Belize. The landscape feels as though it comes out of a fairy tale, with gorgeous, lush rain forests, sandy beaches, and tall, beautiful mountains. Any number of vacation activities can be enjoyed from several of the beachfront towns. Accommodations around Corozal Bay are particularly comfortable as well, with rooms available for just about all types of visitors. Consider some of the following things that you can enjoy as you plan your quiet dream vacation.

Beach Visiting

All along Belize’s gorgeous coast is an attractive archipelago of bright islands, which are known as cayes. These scenic little locations contain a wide variety of different natural wonders, and are home to a series of quaint beach towns. All of these locations can be visited through the local carrier, known as Tropic Air. In San Pedro, there are streets so narrow that the residents drive in golf carts. Around the stunning area is barrier reef system that extends along the coastline of the town, to an incredible distance of over two hundred miles. Along the beachfront are numerous little excursion boats, bars, restaurants, and dive shops, all of which can provide visitors with things to do and sights to see. Another island, Placencia, can be the opposite of what San Pedro provides. It has just a few docks and developments, and features miles of gorgeous beaches, with a few small hotels for your personal enjoyment.


For travellers who are not interested in sitting back and just enjoying the sights and sounds at Corozal Bay, there is always a more active approach to be taken around the mainland. Visitors can start with a little bit of cave exploration all around Belize, with river tubing a particularly attractive prospect at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge, located in Cayo. Here, vacationers can rappel over caverns and float around an underground river on large inner tubes. People interested in a more intensive hiking experience will also have plenty of options. They can explore over twenty thousand acres of gorgeous, protected jungle landscapes, maneuvering through forests at the Shipstern Wildlife Reserve, located in Corozal Bay. They can trek over to Antelope Falls or follow many of the panoramic rain forest trails at Cerros Caye. The options are limitless, and visitors are encouraged to free up their itineraries in order to make the most of their adventuring stay.


Finally, if you are a fan of diving and exploring underwtaer treasures, the entire Belize area can be your treasure trove. Diving is world class at Belize, and there are numerous beautiful places that you can visit just to get to know the depths a little bit better. The Hol Chan Marine Reserve located off of San Pedro features over 160 beautiful species of fish, along with over 40 types of coral ecosystems. You will have the pleasure of swimming alongside nurse sharks and stringrays as you explore the underwater wildlife and terrain. Caye Caulker is a favorite getaway for many locals, and it is famous for its coral reef diving spots. The South Water Caye Marine Reserve, can be another stunning diving option. If you want a quieter and more personal type of swim, you can always visit the Splash Dive Center in Placencia. For those who would rather enjoy whale shark diving excursions, they can visit Gladden Spit and see where the day takes them. For absolute diving enthusiasts, an overnight trip to the Great Blue Hole submarine sinkhole is highly recommended, as it has been ranked among the world’s top ten best dive locations by Jacques Cousteau.