Visitors to Corozal Bay Should See the Mayan Ruins at Cerros

Corozal Bay is located adjacent to Corozal Town, in northern Belize, Central America. The  Mayan ruins of Cerros are located across the bay from Corozal Town. The town is… Read more »

Corozal Town Location

  If you are looking for a beautiful, relaxing place to escape the pressures and stresses of daily life, Corozal Town, Belize is a great option. The… Read more »

Corozal is a Great Spot to Vacation

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Corozal Bay Location And History

Located in the Corozal district of Northern Belize, Corozal Bay is a crystalline inlet of the larger Chetumal Bay off the Caribbean Sea. The estuary is a… Read more »

Corozal Bay

Situated in northern Belize, Corozal Bay is an inlet located in the significantly larger Chetumal Bay. Several resorts are sprinkled around the bay, and its Caribbean waters… Read more »